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Safe Sex Summer: 13 Condom Brands Y'all Might Want to Try

condoms safe sex summer

Some of us might be making the most of being "outside" this Summer with some cute hook-ups that may or may not still be watching our Instagram stories in October while not responding to our texts. Either way, I want us to be safe! And yes, Safe Sex Summer means we do use condoms no matter who our partner is. Using condoms with straps and/or toys protects both me and my partner, mmkay. Also easier clean-up!

So I asked y'all who makes the best condoms and y'all did not disappoint:

  1. SKYN by Lifestyles (non-latex and the one y'all went the hardest for)
  2. Kimonos (said to run small)
  3. Sustain Condoms
  4. Condoms (Black-owned brand)
  5. Durex
  6. One Condoms (usually can find for free at local clinics)
  7. 004 (not the best for wide girth)
  8. Trojan Ecstacy
  9. Lovability
  10. Sir Richard
  11. Lola
  12. My.Size
  13. Maude

Note: More than a few of you had bad experiences with Lelo Hex condoms breaking and they're $35 goddamned dollars, so it will not be included on the Safe Sex Summer list

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